At the early age of seven, Ricardo Cruz Moral worked with his father (Juan Cruz) on the sets of old westerns filmed in Spain, and had the opportunity to work with some of the best stuntmen of all time.

He has had the privilege to work with the best Horse Masters, Stunt Coordinators and Directors in Europe and the USA including Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, John Cameron, Ridley Scott, Mike Newell, Andrew Adamson, Mel Gibson, Glen Randall, Terry Leonard, Tim Burton, Miguel Pedregosa, Juan Majan, Jose L Chinchilla, Vic Armstrong, Tony Smart, Greg Powell, Simon Crane, Mick Rogers, Antony De Longuis, Steven Dent, Rex Peterson, Phil Nelson, and Pat Romano to mention a few.

Ricardo’s professional abilities and vast experience are apparent in each project he undertakes. He refuses to compromise on safety and is methodical in all his planning, managing each project with care and pride. Ricardo communicates easily and comfortably with people on all levels and his proven planning and stunt skills are an inspiration to all those who work with him.

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