Victoria & Richard Profesional Stunts España S.L began as a family project that has been passed down from two generations of stuntmen. Both Victoria and Richard grew up with each of their fathers on film sets. They met and were married and have carried on the tradition with Stunt Cruz.

They have teamed up to provide the best stunt equipment, horses and animals, carriages, and props. They have built dependable stunt teams and horse professionals that meet the needs of the most demanding situations in film and entertainment.

Safety has always been the main pillar of their work philosophy, not only for the animals, but for the performers and crew as well. This comprehensive concern for safety combined with an innovative approach to finding solutions, along with a vast network of resources and contacts, has enabled the company to step up to the plate when others deemed it impossible and is what has made the company stand out from the rest.

In Ricardo's own words he stated, "If there is one thing that has always defined my career and has led people to work with me, it is the quality of work my team and I provide through our constant concern for the safety of the crew and animals.

"A lot of preparation goes into all that V&R does and with Ricardo at the helm, he is always thinking ahead in order to prepare for any situation that might arise. Preparation is the key. I grew up in this business and had the privilege of learning from my father. I am aware of the many situations that can arise on a movie set. This has led me to constantly be ahead of the game in order to always provide a solution and avoid many of the pitfalls that large productions can run into."

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